Magaly Medina ‘chotea’ Giuliana Rengifo for asking for an interview: “I choose my enemies”

Magaly Medina He answered loud and clear after Giuliana Rengifo asked to be invited to his program to address the issue of ampay with the notary. As you remember, the former member of Agua Bella was caught kissing an official. After the diffusion of the images, much criticism rained down on him.

The cumbia singer had described the content of “Magaly TV, the firm” as “garbage” and left the presenter a strong warning.

“Stop calling me to interview me. Although I would like to see your face and look you in the eye to tell you all the damage that your garbage program causes”, he stated.

In this sense, Magaly Medina responded strongly. She told him to “be thankful” that her reporters are looking for her to provide some of her statements.

“I have the privilege of choosing who I want on my set and who I don’t. And, as I always say, I choose my enemies. So make your queue, there is a waiting list, ”he replied.

“The fact that reporters want to interview her is a privilege that any person from the show business should take into account because my reporters ask questions much better than any television host, so that is an honor,” he added to Trome.

Giuliana Rengifo indicated that she would be willing to face Magaly Medina live. She assured that she would have no problem talking about her relationship with the notary Paul Pinedo on her show.

“People who don’t hide anything, who don’t fear anything, aren’t afraid to confront each other. I want to go to his set, not make a note because they are edited, “he said in” On everyone’s lips “.

“I want an interview on the set, yes. I don’t ask for money, it’s just to fix things, ”she added.