Magaly Medina clarifies that she will not return to television yet and that she will travel again

Upon his return from his trip to the United States and Spain, Magaly medina He ruled out that in a few days he would start his show program despite the fact that some media speculated with this possibility. Likewise, she pointed out that her return was due to work procedures carried out by her husband at her company.

This is how he answered the doubts of his followers after opening a question box in which they consulted him a lot about the new season of his magazine. In that sense, he asserted: “Only for a few days because my husband has to attend his office. We’re leaving again (…). My husband and I will get the third dose (coronavirus vaccine) before we continue traveling. We must not lower our guard ”, he specified.

The host Kurt Villavicencio attended the Women in command program to comment on some controversial issues of entertainment and took the opportunity to refer to the host Magaly Medina.

In this way, he affirmed: “You see her and, if you don’t know her age, she looks like a 20-year-old woman.” This would not be the first time that the panelists are surprised with the physical condition of the youtuber, too.

The television presenter Magaly Medina returned to Peru after spending her end of the year parties outside the country and detailed how she is preparing to start this 2022.

In the caption of Instagram stories, he commented: “Starting with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Let’s achieve our New Year’s resolutions with discipline and perseverance. Let us remember that what we want to achieve in life does not come for free or by chance ”.