Magaly Medina criticizes Janet and Ethel after the link with Brunella: “Why didn’t they ask about Camila?”

After being absent from the ‘América Hoy’ program for several days, Brunella Horna connected by telephone with her colleagues Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza, to say that he is in poor health and that he will be away from television until further notice. She added that the doctors indicated that she should rest to return to the morning space recharged.

In this sense, Magaly Medinastraight to the jugular, he took them out in the open for talking about other issues and not asking about the complaints of Camila Ganozaex-partner of Richard Acuna. The redhead, once again, called the hosts of América TV “sobonas”, who were saddened by the unexpected resignation of the ‘baby’ Brune.

YOU CAN SEE: Magaly Medina laughs at Brunella Horna’s resignation from ‘América hoy’: “Who is going to miss her?”

The program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ released excerpts from the interview to Brunella with her TV partners. “There were many questions that she has not answered, but since they are so nasty they don’t ask her things. Why didn’t they ask her what it feels like at the bachelor party, Richard Acuna He sent photos with a naked torso to Camila Ganoza?”, said.

He described it as a “disrespectful and disrespectful” act to send images to his ex-partner when he was only a few days away from marrying the model and influencer. “Why didn’t they ask her about her physical and psychological aggression? About the statements about the decoration of the apartment or that she used sunglasses? Camila Ganoza? There are no uncomfortable questions,” she maintained.

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Brunella Horna: “It was a terrible day, the biggest scare of my life”

In the midst of rumors and speculation that she would be pregnant, Brunella Horna He had a telephone communication with ‘América Hoy’ and told what happened in recent days regarding his state of health. “I thank you for being my friends. Everyone around me knows the process I’m going through, you know why you are my friends, but I can’t say it publicly,” she said.

With a broken voice, the blonde, from Chiclayo, added that she had a tremendous scare. “It was a day that I cannot describe, it was terrible. As a result of this episode, I had to be on absolute rest. Now I’m here because I wanted to be with my parents and my grandparents,” said the ex-partner of the “king of leathers,” Renzo Costa.