Magaly Medina defends Christian Domínguez: “The production was wrong! They should not have covered his mouth”

In the most recent edition of her program, the host Magaly Medina questioned the program “america today” for not letting Christian Domínguez give his opinion on the ampay between Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo. All the drivers of the magazine issued their position on the matter, however, to the leader of Great International Orchestra He was not allowed to comment despite being present, which was taken ironically by the communicator.

The ATV figure pointed out that the actor is also a “specialist on the subject”, so he was surprised that he did not speak out as he has already done in similar situations.

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Magaly addresses the production of “America Today”

“Today they put Christian Domínguez on ‘América hoy’, known as the ‘Cumbia’s Most Chingüengüenchona Nose’, they put him when they are dealing with a subject that is said: ‘Why do men leave everything for the other?’; and , clear, They don’t let him speak, they censor him, they tell him: ‘You shut your mouth, you can’t talk about it.’ But not! Mistake, mistake Mr. Producer“said the ‘Magpie’.

The television presenter ironized the topic “taking a face” for the artist due to the love history that the cumbiambero has and the situations in which he has been involved throughout his career. For this reason, the show host indicated that he can give a point of view “from the other side”.

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“You should have sat down Christian Domínguez for him to count, because he has experience, and tell him why some men leave everything for the other. Because who more experienced than Christian Domínguez to know it? and to talk about the other side? Since we can’t listen to ‘Paolos Hurtados’, let’s listen to ‘Christians Domínguez’, which is the same“, he commented.

Once these comments were made, “Urraca” was more emphatic in her “defense” of Domínguez, as she implied that her opinion was the most anticipated by the audience.

“So, who more authority, who with more authority to talk about it than Christian Domínguez. Wrong! Wrong production! They should not have covered his mouth, they should have sat him there. Let’s see, speak, why did the men do it? leave everything for another woman?” Magaly added.