Magaly Medina denies that she has returned to return to TV and reveals: “We’re leaving again” [VIDEO]

You still want to rest. The television host Magaly Medina came forward to deny her soon return to the screens after returning to Peru, and assures that she will go on a trip with her husband to continue enjoying their vacations.

“Cold, cold, cold” was the answer he gave to the journalist Before the headline of a well-known medium that read like this: “Magaly is already in Peru for the new season of her program, when will she return to TV?”

But, it was not the only clue she gave about her return to television, as one of her followers asked her the reason why she quickly returned from her vacation to which she gave a surprising response: “Did you return soon from your trip? “, said the question in Instagram.

“Only for a few days because my husband has to attend his office. We are leaving again !!! (…) My husband and I will get the third dose (coronavirus vaccine) before continuing to travel. the guard “, revealed Magaly medina ruling out that on this return to the country he returns to his program.

Magaly and hilarious response to a user who claims to spill poison: “I’m like the scorpion. I enjoy it”

The television host Magaly Medina invites the user to ‘throw poison’ after she questioned her for “distilling so much poison.”

“Well it feels delicious, because I am like the scorpion, I only respond to my nature, I was born with that, what can I tell you, what can I tell you, I enjoy it a lot, try it from time to time,” he sentenced in a sarcastic tone.