Magaly Medina does not believe in Paolo Hurtado’s apologies: “They forced him to read the statement”

Magaly Medina He did not miss the opportunity to criticize Paolo Hurtado, who this Friday, May 26, spoke for the first time on social networks after the well-known ampay with the model Jossmery Toledo in March. The Cienciano soccer player published a video on his social networks where he specifically addressed his still wife Rosa Fuentes, to whom he was unfaithful during his stay in Cusco, as he was exposed in the program “Magaly TV, the firm“.

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What did Paolo Hurtado say about his ampay?

Paolo Hurtado He decided to break his silence after weeks of starring in an ampay on the “Magaly TV, la firme” program. In a video on his Instagram account, the athlete expressed regret for the events that affected his family. This was what he said.

“I want to apologize to my children and my wife (Rosa Fuentes) for everything that happened. We recently had a positive agreement with my wife for the well-being of our children. Thank you, Rosa, for knowing how to cope with things,” he said.

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What did Magaly say about Paolo Hurtado?

Magaly affirms that the Cienciano club forced Paolo Hurtado to go out and apologize publicly. Also, he made it clear that he does not believe anything. In addition, he recalled the athlete’s arrogant attitude, even after being supported by the ‘Urraca’ cameras.

“It was noticeable that he was reading a teleprompter (…) We know so much how clubs act, that they surely told him to do a mea culpa in front of the public because he was lousy and very anti-gentlemanly, he never publicly apologized to his wife and children ( …) So they forced him to read their statement,” he said.