Magaly Medina does not believe in Paolo Hurtado’s mea culpa: “You could see that he was reading a statement”

After Paolo Hurtado appeared on social networks with a video offering his sincere apologies to Rosa Fuentes, wife and mother of his children, Magaly Medina came forward to comment on this “mea culpa” that surprised locals and strangers. What did she say?

The soccer player from Cienciano de Cusco was protected with Jossmery Toledo on two occasions for the program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’. The first time, the ex-police was captured in the Imperial City and spent the weekend in the apartment of the ex-selected. In the following weeks, he was in a country hotel with the athlete’s family.

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And as always everything comes to light, the very jossmery confirmed that he is no longer with the ‘horse’ stolen, that it was all a lie and that now she is single again. Paolo, with a shocked face, apologized to his ex-partner for causing the end of their relationship. “I want to thank the capacity and their willingness, nothing will be above our children. Thank you, Rosa.”

Given this, Magaly Medina He gave his opinion on these apologies from the national player. She’s sure he read a statement to the public. “It was obvious that he was reading a teleprompter. We are not going to think that Paolo Hurtado is a luminary speaking. Until now there are few footballers who know how to speak, at least, express themselves well”.

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Magaly Medina believes that Cienciano forced them to “read a statement”

Tonight, Friday May 26, Magaly Medina He went on to talk about the video starring Paolo Hurtado posted on their networks. He believes that his club would have ‘forced’ him to make a public apology. “I suppose that Cienciano asked me to make a mea culpa in front of the public for having looked bad and terrible,” he said on his program.

He added that this statement leaves the former member of “This is war” in a bad light. “You’ve been anti-chivalrous, you never apologized to your wife and your fans. They forced him to read his statement and, of course, this leaves worse off for Jossmery Toledo”held the redhead.