Magaly Medina does not let go of ‘Amor y fuego’ and sends a hint: “I hope I never reach that rating” [VIDEO]

In the latest edition of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, the host Magaly Medina decided to start her program in a peculiar way. This time, she did not hesitate to release tremendous comments that would be a hint to Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre, who were questioned by the Urraca after their rating with ‘Amor y fuego’ in Willax.

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Let us remember that the journalist Magaly Medina was criticized by the hosts of ‘Amor y fuego’ after promoting the ampay of Giuliana Regnifo with a married notary, suggesting that ‘sold smoke‘, because many expected that it was her husband Alfred Zambrano. Thus, “Maga” did not hesitate to make fun of both in a new opportunity that occurred on September 21.

“Hello, good night, thank you my dear Flintstones, ha, ha, ha (…) I love my Flintstones, they are my fans,” the entertainment journalist began on her nightly and LIVE program.

He also made it clear that he would not like to reach the rating that the Willax program has. “They applaud me, these last two nights they applauded me, thank you very much and I hope I never reach that rating in this all-star show,” she said.

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Peluchín was sent with everything against Magaly after ampay

After the controversial ampay of the cumbia singer, Rodrigo González questioned Magaly Medina for promoting it in this way and did not hesitate to call her “Farisela” in the style as she does with Gisela Valcárcel, host of “La Gran Estrella”.

“It seems that there is no longer a Farisela on television, now it seems that there is another one at night. She goes on the air so indignant. You are 25 years old and you already know how to do it – How is it to grasp the ambiguity of your husband?”, he said, getting an immediate response from the Magpie.

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Peluchín mocks Magaly Medina’s rating

Rodrigo González kept nothing to himself and decided to give his return to Magaly Medinasending some peculiar messages and making it clear that her favorite on ATV is Andrea Llosa, in addition, to stand out for the program ‘Luz de Luna’, direct competition from the entertainment journalist.

Meanwhile, he congratulated the América TV series and assured that they do triple the ‘Maga’ program. “But we are going to congratulate “Luz de luna” who breaks it, they don’t tell you that (…) “Beating who? But if in your schedule no one beats you, Latina when she goes to the news, because the Voice when it is on the air there you have it, the true queen of ATV is Andrea (…)”, he sentenced.

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Magaly Medina: What do you say about its good rating?

Magaly Medina from your account Instagram It also manages to stand out as having the show program with the highest rating on Peruvian television. This has been demonstrated by publishing daily images of the rating achieved on his program.

“The most watched of ATV and shows”, places the popular ‘magpie’ as a message in its stories. In addition, it shows the rating obtained by others who do not do justice to their show.

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Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano: users make them a trend before the competition

Despite the back and forth between the programs, it is necessary to mention that Magaly Medina is very loved, so netizens tend to make her a trend, this increased after broadcasting the Ampay of Giuliana Rengifo with Paul Pinedaa notary from the department of Pucallpa.

There were various messages that went viral in Twitter the name of the popular redhead on Peruvian television; however, it was possible to see some tweets that also referred to her husband alfredo zambranosuch as: “I’m not a fan of Magaly, but you can see that her husband (Alfredo Zambrano) is a highly intelligent and educated person,” it reads.