Magaly Medina laughs at Brunella Horna’s resignation from ‘América hoy’: “Who is going to miss her?”

Brunella Horna announced on the morning of April 17 her resignation from the program “america today” due to all the scandal in which her husband Richard Acuña was involved. The news reached Magaly Medina and she did not hesitate to make her opinion known, faithful to her style, as she has accustomed us.

And it is that as it is remembered, Brunella announced that she will be away from the cameras for being a media person and will travel to the north of the country to take a long rest according to the indications that her doctor indicated, as she stated in the magazine of America Television.

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In the recent edition of “Magaly TV – The Firm“, the popular ‘magpie’ had comments about Horna’s departure from the program he shared with Ethel Well, Janet Barboza, Edson Davila and christian dominguezbut he was suspicious because he considers that the model has no contribution to the television space.

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Ethel Pozo on Brunella Horna’s resignation from América Hoy

In the “América Hoy” magazine, Ethel Pozo had a few words for her friend Brunella Horna, after she announced her resignation from the program for her peace of mind and well-being in her health.

This is because Richard Acuña, Brunella’s husband, was involved in a scandal in recent days with his ex-partner Camila Ganoza after being denounced for psychological violence and neglecting the daughter they have in common.

“It is part of your life, we have said it here that we feel frustrated that we cannot tell everything. We can only do a little almost nothing, but we respect your opinion, we love you. That is the truth off the screens we have become friends and everything. We are very sorry that today is a see you soon,” Pozo said.