Magaly Medina makes Giuliana Rengifo clear: “No man has denied me or hidden me” [VIDEO]

In the latest edition ofMagaly TV La Firme’, Magaly Medina He took advantage of a few minutes of his program to send several little messages to Giuliana Rengifo, this after the cumbia singer was captured with the Pucallpino notary Paul Pineda, who assured that between the two there is only a beautiful friendship.

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This time, the “Urraca” decided to comment on the artist and reveal part of the “ampays” that she previously starred in. It is thus that she mentioned the link that occurred at the time of her between the former mayor Salvador Heresi and the Rengifo, where the politician put an end to the rumors and denied having a relationship with her.

Given this, Medina trolled her and sent everything. “Just then (Salvador Heresi) seriously started going out with a girl and got married, ha, ha, ha, that is, she must be used to it (…) How ugly it must feel (…) How should it be feel a woman in her condition that almost the majority of men deny you? It should not feel good pretty, it should not feel very good, “he added.

“This (that they deny a relationship) must be quite frustrating, it must be horrible, I really don’t know what it feels like, no man has ever denied me, no man has hidden me, I don’t know what it will feel like,” he continued to say. end with a peculiar comment: “Wallet kills handsome too, ha, ha, ha.”

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Giuliana Rengifo squared the notary’s wife and sent her hint after chats with Magaly Medina

The cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo was outraged after Magaly Medina showed chats of the notary’s wife saying that she was the “deceived” of the situation after the ampay with the notary Paul Pineda.

“It seems like one more issue of money, interests, we know that divorces are tedious … it smells strange to me,” was what the well-known singer of “Corazón” said on her social networks, being taken as a hint.

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What was seen in the ampay of Giuliana Rengifo and Paul Pineda?

“Cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo kisses married notary What was mana?”, the voiceover of the preview released by the Magaly TV program: La Firme was heard saying last Monday, September 19, which generated speculation that it could be Alfredo Zambrano the second protagonist.

However, these data, hours later, were denied when the name of the true protagonist came to light, Paul Pineda, whom we saw passionately kissing when leaving a party on September 16 in Los Olivos. But that was not all, because in the report prepared by the Magaly Medina it was revealed that as of now he is still married and that he also has 3 children.

Giuliana Rengifo to Magaly Medina: “Now you bring out my scandals, before you applauded my work”

Julia did not hesitate to speak out after the program Magaly Medina He recounted his scandals: “Now you take my life out of scandals, when before you applauded my work,” he said at first Rengifo On Instagram.

Inclusive, Julia described the content that Magaly makes on her ATV program as ‘garbage’: “Stop calling me to interview me. Although I would like to see your face and look you in the eye to tell you all the damage that your program garbage causes,” he asserted.

Giuliana Rengifo calls Magaly Medina's program 'garbage' after ampay with Pucallpino notary.

Magaly Medina to single and working mothers: “That is our reality”

Magaly Medina He commented on the role played by some single and working mothers, who do not have anyone to leave their minor children with at home. Now, the entertainment journalist shared a note about the Cuban Dalia Durán, that is how she referred to it.

“Single mothers who have to get ahead, there are mothers who go out to sell their candies, their juices, their sandwiches every day and have to leave 3.4 children locked up at home, that is our realityd, unfortunately,” began the TV host, who wanted to take a few minutes from her program for that important topic.

Magaly Medina gives her opinion about single mothers.

The time Magaly Medina dressed up as a yellow flower to welcome spring

When you start your program “Magaly Teve”, the popular “magpie” was seen before the cameras wearing a costume of a very large yellow flower on her head, only exposing her face. At the same time, Magaly Medina He couldn’t stop laughing at his occurrence, while celebrating the beginning of the spring season.

“Hey, hey, spring is here, look how beautiful I am, I am a flower, I am a daisy, I am a geranium, what am I? What you want I am today, from 6:30 in the morning of today September 23, spring day and as such, I am happy, “said the driver Magaly Medina while laughing.

Magaly Medina wears an unusual yellow flower costume, for Floricienta?