Magaly Medina on single and working mothers: “That is our reality” [VIDEO]

In the latest edition of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, Magaly Medina He commented on the role played by some single and working mothers, who do not have anyone to leave their minor children with at home. Now, the entertainment journalist shared a note about the Cuban Dalia Durán, that is how she referred to it.

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It is worth mentioning that, this September 21, her ATV program exposed the accusations that Dalia Durán’s neighbors would have made of not having the necessary care with their children, being totally denied by the model, who is working for her children and tries to give them the best. Before that event, the Urraca commented on the role played by some women in the countryyes

“Single mothers who have to get ahead, there are mothers who go out to sell their candies, their juices, their sandwiches every day and have to leave 3.4 children locked up at home, that is our realityd, unfortunately,” began the TV host, who wanted to take a few minutes from her program for that important topic.

“We have to stop the pot, I know it (…) she (Dalia) is a father and mother to her children (…)”, she added about the case of Dalia Durán, a mother of a family who is watching over her children. children after the separation with his former partner John Kelvin.

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Magaly Medina: How much money would you have offered to pay the notary’s wife?

In the last programs of AMor y Fuego, it was known that the production of “Magaly TV La Firme” tried to communicate with the wife of the notary Paul Pineda, with whom the singer Giuliana Rengifo was captured.

Thus, according to Willax’s program, “Magaly TV La Firme” would have offered to pay her the sum of 1,000 dollars and also the air tickets to interview her in Lima, according to the screenshots shown by the cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo.

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Why does Magaly think that Giuliana has a fixation with her husband?

The television host Magaly Medina responded and called the cumbia singer a “bataclana” because, as she implied, she believes that she wants to sow doubt in her marriage.

“Outrageous things of all kinds that I have to listen to from people who don’t know how to harm me. It’s one of the risks of being who I am. To the point of having to watch how a batclana wants to cast shadows of doubt on the integrity of my marriage and those They are the bataclanas who later tear their clothes calling themselves ‘ladies'”, explained the ‘urraca’.