Magaly Medina on the demand of ‘Chorri’ to Maribel: “It is victimizing yourself and not assuming your responsibilities”

Strong and clear. The host Magaly Medina did not hesitate to pronounce on the third ampay of the soccer player ‘Chorri’ Palacios, spread in Magaly TV: The Firm and the possible demand that it will make to Maribel Meza, the other protagonist of the ampay. The driver said that the ‘Chorri’ he is only trying to “victimize” himself by denying the disclosure that was made to him days before his marriage to Karla Quintana.

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“That is a constant among the sheltered, victimizing themselves and not assuming their responsibilities. Poor wife. There are women who normalize infidelity and believe that it is part of being married. And that is a big mistake, it is also a lack of self-esteem that they feel that They don’t deserve respect and good love,” he said at the beginning the journalist.

To Magaly“cheaters” would not rest, but they are unaware of the word commitment: “I think not, we see it daily. They are men who do not respect and do not know the word commitment. It is a matter of values ​​that were never instilled in them,” said the communicator to Trome.

Besides, Medina also regretted that the son of ‘Chato’ BarrazaMaría José Barraza has not been disturbed by the birth of her son, has not even gone to see him at the clinic: “The last straw, that man has a rock instead of a heart. I will never understand how a man can forget an innocent creature blood of his blood,” he concluded.

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