Magaly Medina plays with the possibility of making money on TikTok: “While they see me, I’m billing”

The journalist Magaly Medina was surprised that some celebrity figures earned a lot of money through the TikTok social network. That is why after hearing that Paula Arias earns $8,000 a week, she opened up the possibility of doing the same.

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Magaly MedinaJokingly, he said that he is evaluating the possibility of putting his TikTok on while he does his live program, for which he would be billing it. However, it was all a joke, because it will not do it as Paula Manzanal does and now Susy Díaz, who wants to venture.

“I was also thinking how about I do my TikTok during the show. While you are watching me, I am billing,” he said. Magaly Medina as a joke, to later explain: “But here the joke is that if you meet challenges, they give you those dolls that cost dollars.”

Finally, Magaly Medina He said that this new modality to earn money is only for idle people. “It’s a job for idlers. Can you imagine what I do with you if I have that and the program”, added the magpie between laughs.

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Magaly Medina trolls Christian Domínguez

the journalist Magaly Medina He began his program by trolling Christian Domínguez, who in “América Hoy” stated that infidelity is a decision when talking about “Chorri” Palacios. It is so that the magpie delimited that as good the cumbiambero has a voice and vote in this matter.

“Speak as good. When you make a commitment to someone even if you don’t have a signed paper, you know what you have to do,” he said on his program Magaly Medina about Christian Dominguez.