Magaly Medina proud of the achievements of her nephew Diego who studies at a prestigious university

Television host Magaly Medina is happy and proud of her nephew’s achievements Diego Medina Torrejonwho is the son of his beloved brother Jimmy Medina and Úrsula Torrejón. The young man studies architecture at a prestigious university abroad after winning a scholarship for excellence. Bravo!

The popular ‘Urraca’ does everything for the family. When the television cameras are turned off, she dedicates her free time to enjoy the company of her loved ones as Jimmy and Mariella Medina. Also, she claims to be an excellent aunt. Recently, she encouraged her niece Susana Medina who was a finalist in the 2023 Marinera World Cup.

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Today, Magaly shared on his account instagram, the successes of Diego Medina, who is studying an important career outside of Peru. “Proud of you dear nephew,” he posted. In the image of him he appears with his diploma in hand and happy to get so far in the student field. “Proud mom,” wrote the young man’s mother.

Diego Medina Torrejon He studied at a prestigious school in Lima, and thanks to his dedication he was able to fulfill the dream of winning a scholarship. “We congratulate our student who has been awarded the Scholarship in the Architecture career granted by UCAL within its “Scholarship for Excellence – Scholarship Program UCAL” program, shared the educational center.

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Magaly Medina: How many siblings does the TV presenter have?

In March of this year, Magaly Medina He attended his niece’s wedding and shared an image to remember. She posed happily and proudly next to her 5 siblings and her parent, Louis Medina, who passed away a few days later. “My father accompanied by his 6 children. His family,” she posted on his networks, which has millions of followers.

At another time, she was happy with the life she leads, despite the criticism of her ‘haters’. “I love being who I am. I am proud of myself, for always having found the strength to continue despite the stones in the road,” wrote the ATV figure, who has been on the small screen for 25 years.