Magaly Medina proud of the viral song ‘disguise yourself as a police officer’: “I feel very honored” [VIDEO]

Back it up! A video recently went viral on social networks where a DJ performed a particular song. And it is that, the musical theme has become a trend because it includes a peculiar voice that we all know now more than ever that is on everyone’s lips.

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The particular theme is entitled “Disguise yourself as a police officer”, a singular phrase that Magaly Medina said in one of the editions of her program “Magaly TV – La Firme” when she was responding to her detractors after receiving criticism on the reality show “El Gran Show”.

“Dress up as a police officer so that they can be the official one… Run rune, run rune, there they go for all the monkeys with machine guns, those for whom they were forgotten and hidden for many years,” is what part of the song says.

It is for this reason that Magaly was very happy and nightingale for the song. In addition, she pointed out that she is very “honored” and that, if the DJ had any future lawsuit for which she had felt alluded, she would be present as a witness to defend him.

It should be noted that Giuliana Renfigo was against the song because, in her opinion, she considers that the topic is for her or at least she made it known when she said: “Do you think that’s funny? You do not know everything that is coming for all those who invent things for me and insult me. Whoever falls, I will defend myself until the last.”

Magaly Medina and her message to Peruvians who migrated in search of opportunities

After having a link with Greissy Ortega, the host Magaly Medina gave a thoughtful message to all those compatriots who have left the country in order to have a better opportunity in another part of the world.

“Well, it is the reality of many young couples who see that opportunities are closed to them here and dream of things going differently in another country, hopefully, it is not bad to pursue dreams, you have to do it. If you have the conviction and want work for that, well, go ahead, they are young and hopefully they will help their little ones,” he said.