Magaly Medina puts on the patch and denies a fight with Jessica Newton: “Don’t get ballsy”

He spoke loud and clear. Magaly Medina has been facing rumors that claim that she would have distanced herself from her great friend, Jessica Newton, so she finally decided to go out with everything to speak out.

After having said in their social networks that each one “has independent lives and are not Siamese”, the driver spoke with a local media to make it clear that everything would be fine between them.

Magaly medina He explained why he did not spend New Years with Jessica Newton despite the fact that they were both in Madrid, Spain, at the same time, and made it clear that not because of any fight.

“She (Jessica Newton) was more romantic. We already had a large group of people that we were with and, yes, we said hello at 12 because we were in the same city,” he told Trome.

What’s more, Magaly medina recalled his reunion with Antonio Pavón and his girlfriend Joi Sánchez to hint at why he did not spend time with Jessica newton, and stressed that they continue to talk privately

“What happens is that we (her husband and she came to Spain) and we went to Malaga, which was a city that Alfredo wanted to give one more tour because he always went straight to Fuengirola and in Malaga one day we stopped on a cruise, then We went and Antonio (Pavón) was our host, “he said.

“We walked a lot with them and we returned with the fair on the 31st for the party. They are things (the one that I did not share with Jessica) that sometimes people do not see and ask and they make balls, but they do not do them because internally we were talking, “he concluded Magaly Medina.

Jessica Newton on Magaly Medina: “True friendship is being apart and that nothing changes”

Hours before, Jessica newton shared a photograph posing next to Magaly medina to wish you greetings for the descent of the kings, which is today January 6 and is celebrated a lot in Europe, and assured that you are still friends.

“True friendship is not about being inseparable but about being separated and that nothing changes. Happy kings Magaly Medina, I hope they surprise you today!” He said.