Magaly Medina responds to Paolo Hurtado’s statement: “I’m used to dealing with footballers’ boorishness”

Magaly Medina thought it was a meme, but no, it was an official statement from Paolo Hurtado. After the video in which he appears apologizing to his wife Rosa Fuentes, the soccer player could not stand the criticism of the TV host and attacked her in a new document.

“Dear lady full of plastic surgeries… the one who is forced to sing as soon as there is a social event is her husband with his tight-fitting university tuna shorts,” read the statement written by the former selected player who plays for the team Scientist of Cusco. How did the ATV journalist react?

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“Gentlemen of the Cienciano club, the opportunity that you give him, he erases with his other hand. The jerk that he carried inside appeared to him. Look at the kind of jerk that Paolo Hurtado is,” he mentioned LIVE, tonight, Friday the 26th of May, whom he recalled having a love affair with Jossmery Toledo.

He indicated that he is not surprised by this attitude, since he is used to treating athletes. “It doesn’t surprise me, I’m used to dealing with the brutality and boorishness that comes from them. I don’t have a good opinion of the vast majority of footballers. This gentleman is general,” he added in ‘Magaly TV La Firme’.

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Magaly Medina defends her husband Alfredo Zambrano: “What does it have to do here?

In the statement, Paolo Hurtado chanco to Alfredo Zambrano, husband Magaly Medina, who was mocked for his way of singing and his outfits. “What does my husband have to do with it? This is more of a coward than he has ever met. Do it intelligently, it’s a lot to ask. He was proud of the Tuna from the San Martín de Porres University.

And it is that the soccer player criticized that she wears “little pants” and that her husband “adorns” her. “My name is not Rosa Fuentes, just in case. I am not a soccer player’s wife. I did not marry someone like that,” said the television presenter, who is sure that the notary would be incapable of being unfaithful. “I don’t need to put investigators, the day I do I’ll be crazy.”