Magaly Medina responds to those who think that their photos have a filter: “Envious”

The TV host, Magaly Medina, stirred up social networks with her recent photos on Instagram. The ATV figure published some images in swimsuits, less than a day after her expected 60th birthday, and received a large number of messages for and against her followers. “For the envious”, the redhead replied in her networks.

In a few hours, the ‘Urraca’ will say goodbye to base 5 and welcome its 60 years. With great pride and security she showed her figure in a bathing suit. “I have never felt more fulfilled in my life than now at the gates of turning 60. I look at life with optimism, joy and above all, I love myself, I value myself very much and I am proud to be the woman I am,” she wrote.

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On Instagram, the magician He shared behind the scenes of the photo session that would show that he has no filter. “When people believe that the last photo of Magaly Medina It’s pure Photoshop”, reads the message from the person in charge of marketing said production. “For the envious”, reacted the controversial TV presenter.

A week ago, he announced the death of his father Louis Medina, who was 93 years old. It was with great sadness that he shared his first words towards the man he loved the most in his life, and accompanied him until the last day of his life. “I will miss him a lot and I am already missing him a lot, although I am convinced that always, from infinity. Rest in peace, daddy of my heart.”

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Magaly Medina goes bankrupt after the death of her father

This last Monday, March 27, Magaly Medina he dedicated some tender words to his father Louis Medina. “This job was what made my father feel very proud of me, so I will be here and I will continue to make him feel the proudest man in the world, wherever he is,” said the TV host with a broken voice.

In addition, he promised that he will continue with his work, despite the deep pain he feels due to the absence of his father. We will continue with the program, the show must go on. I owe it to you, with this that I chose as a career and profession,” he said. Medina, who thanked his audience for his television absence. “I want to thank you for your patience and tolerance, understanding in a very good way that I had been absent these days due to the death of my father.”