Magaly Medina reveals that Jossmery Toledo charged her S/ 5 thousand to talk about Jean Deza: “It was something expensive”

on your show “Magaly TV La Firme”, The journalist Magaly Medina ended up firing Jossmery Toledo, after “América Hoy” revealed that the ex-police and ex-chica reality would be asking for the sum of 10 thousand soles to speak after the ampay with the soccer player of the Peruvian team, Paolo Hurtado. Given this, the magpie told how much they paid him at some point.

the journalist Magaly Medina told that when Jossmery Toledo He did not want to talk about the soccer player Jean Deza, the production of “Magaly TV La Firme” had to pay him a large sum of money, causing them not to invite more characters for some time. “I remember that when she didn’t want to talk about the subject, Jean Deza, when she came, she charged about 5 soles,” said the magpie.

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Besides, Magaly Medina revealed that their production, which is quite humble, they had to do everything to be able to pay Jossmery Toledo, so that they tell him everything that he experienced in his ex-relationship with Jean Deza. “It was somewhat expensive because we are a humble production, quite poor, it was like we had to stop inviting enough people to pay her.”

This time, ‘América Hoy’ revealed that they wanted to interview Jossmery Toledo, so they had contact with their manager. Given this, the ex-police would have requested the sum of 10 thousand soles. “We want an interview with Janet (Barboza) with Jossmery, tell me if it is viable and how it would be… Can you agree on an interview with Jossmery? Help us!” the conversation reads. The answer was quite clear: “she wants 10 thousand soles.”

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Jossmery Toledo celebrates its 31 years

Jossmery Toledo He celebrated his 31 years of age in the midst of the storm that lives for his ampay with the soccer player Paolo Hurtado. She was happy with her friends while some media are looking for her to be able to interview her.

In that sense, Jossmery Toledo It is clear that criticism does not affect him at all, and that he has the full support of many people. “That’s how I want to see you, strong and smiling. May everything beautiful be with you always”, “Friends are always there, through thick and thin. You are worth everything and you know it ”, were some messages that were read in the first part of his ‘stories’.