Magaly Medina shares her beauty secret: “Your skin is the reflection of what you eat”

Magaly medina He interacted with his Instagram followers by telling how he maintains himself. The television host revealed some beauty secrets when asked by her fans.

As it is recalled, a few days ago, Kurt Villavicencio complimented the figure of ATV in Women in command. For the presenter, Medina looks like a 20-year-old girl.

Given this, many users were curious about the appearance of Magaly Medina who looked natural in her Instagram stories and gave some beauty tips.

“What natural thing do you take to take care of your skin?”, Asked a netizen to the presenter. Faced with this question, Medina replied: “Your skin is the reflection of what you eat, I eat very healthy, especially most days of the week; I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of vegetables and salads, try to do it ”.

Likewise, Magaly Medina confessed that she loves to organize her things, but with the help of assistants.

“It is a question of organizing. I love things around my house, I like to do some things, but of course, I have collaborators. It’s a matter of organizing, “he said.

Magaly Medina is already in Peru and the first thing she did was go to a gym to get in shape.

“Starting 2022 with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Let’s achieve our New Year’s resolutions with discipline and perseverance. Let us remember that what we want to achieve in life does not come for free or by chance, “he said on his Instagram.

Magaly Medina expressed her annoyance at the party that Paolo Guerrero made by not respecting the biosecurity protocols before the start of the third wave due to the coronavirus.

“It seems to me a great irresponsibility what Paolo Guerrero did, taking into account that people were forbidden to go to the beaches, which are open spaces. Really terrible that he organized that meeting, “he told Trome.