Magaly Medina shocked to learn that Hurtado does not pay child support, according to a lawyer

The program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ released more images of Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado in a club located in Santa Eulalia, where they spent the weekend with mutual family and friends. In the video they were very close and kissing throughout this walk. Magaly Medina’s space gave details of all the footballer’s expenses these days alone with the model.

In addition, tonight, Monday April 17, the ‘Urraca’ connected with Claudia Zumaetalawyer of Rosa Fuentes, wife of the selected one who is in the United States with her children to enjoy her third pregnancy outside of Peru. “My client is stronger than ever, she does not want to feel sorry, she just wants to get ahead for her little ones,” declared the lawyer.

YOU CAN SEE: Rosa Fuentes took Paolo Hurtado’s jewelry to the United States, according to her lawyer: “She had no resources”

Zumaeta, who will not only defend the young mother, but also said that she is authorized to be the official spokesperson. “What we want to denounce is that the integrity of his children is being affected. The man is withdrawing from his responsibilities. I am behind him to reach a conciliation agreement. He has left me no other measure than to denounce him for divorce, food and for psychological violence”.

Magaly took the opportunity to ask the lawyer if stolen passes child support. “Nothing, not at all since day one that the ampay was broadcast on your program. He has no intentions,” she replied. “Nothing?” Said the ATV presenter shocked.

YOU CAN SEE: Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo: New images of both in Santa Eulalia, launched by Magaly