Magaly Medina ‘shows face’ by DJ Roy after threats from Giuliana Rengifo: “I’m going to be a witness in your trial”

Strong and clear. In the recent edition of Magaly TV: The FirmMagaly Medina spoke out about the threats that the singer Giuliana Rengifo would have made to dj roy for its remix, ‘La police y la oficial’. As recalled, the member of “El Gran Show” warned that she will defend herself to the last for said mixture that is viral in tiktok.

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Faced with that situation, Magaly He did not hesitate to defend the young man: “I don’t know how TikTok virals can arouse so much hatred, personal resentment, because there are people who can’t understand that no one is talking about anyone, there are people who give themselves too much importance,” said the ‘magpie ‘ in your program.

“Dj Roy is a boy from Cajamarca who has made the joke that I told here, that of dressing up as a police officer on Halloween, for all the husband snatchers and that is generic, how many people do we know who have messed with married men, who have been ignored , we have mentioned several here so they don’t have to feel alluded to,” he added. the journalist

Finally, Magaly Medina assured the young Cajamarcan of having legal problems with the cumbiambera, she will not hesitate to support him: “They threaten to sue poor Dj Roy, don’t worry, I am going as a witness in your trial and I endorse you and I tell you, you are not saying any names,” he concluded.

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Marisol attacked Giuliana Rengifo ?: “In this world there are a lot of girls like that”

Marisol He gave his opinion on taking care of his image, especially when one is a woman and an artist. “I believe that women have to take care of their image and more if they have children. I take great care of my image for my children and my personal things are for me. People have seen that I have gotten ahead because of my music. Sometimes they choose to do things that or should instead of getting to work”.

Finally Marisol She said that she does respect mourning when a relationship ends. Let us remember that after the ampay with the notary Paul Pinea, Giuliana Rengifo He noted that he is in a stage where no one is in mourning. “I think that if mourning is to be respected, they have raised me that way,” said “Faraona.”