Magaly Medina stones Mark Vito for his videos: “Keep doing nonsense on TikTok”

Mark Vito has generated all kinds of reactions after starring in a unique video with Susy Díaz for TikTok. After receiving positive and other negative comments, the ATV driver Magaly Medina he couldn’t talk about it. He questioned the new attitudes of Keiko Fujimori’s ex and how she would be attracted to the world of show business.

In the recent edition of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, the popular ‘Magpie’ was sent with everything and did not hesitate to criticize the ‘new Mark’, who appears looser than ever and showing off with one of Cholywood’s most beloved public figures. After creating content and having a large number of reproductions, ‘Maga’ spoke about this new image of the now tiktoker.

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“They don’t know how bad I can fall when I see him doing these TikToks, And now with Susy Díaz, he wants to become a show business character, yes or yes,” the show host began, before showing the images of the former politician with Florcita’s mother.

“For so many years he was a partner of one of the most controversial politicians we have in the middle, and now suddenly he has become a show business character, like Kike Suero, the street comedians, he is a character,” Medina added very surprised.

“Now he also wants to record with tiktokeros and if you record with Susy Díaz it is because you are already in the thick of Hollywood,” added the ATV leader. On the other hand, she accepted that Vito “breaks” her on TikTok, since it went viral and has a large number of followers, in addition, its content has attracted the attention of netizens and has generated a large number of views.

“He has shot it because people see his TikToks, they laugh at his TikToks. He has become the fashionable clown, he continues to figurate,” added the journalist.