Magaly Medina: The before and after of the ‘Urraca’ [VIDEOS]

Your step to become a successful show host it has gone hand in hand with his physical transformation. Yes, we are referring to Magaly Medina, who has not only improved her look by wearing exclusive brandsbut also, has gone through some how many operations that have helped her show off how we see it now on Magaly TV La Firme. We show it to you, here.

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Magaly Medina in 1991

For these years, Magaly Medina She was not yet a television host, but she was a journalist for the Hey magazine, so she was invited to different channels to bring content to the magazine. From there, she began to become controversial and give her space on television.

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Magaly Medina in the 1997-98

The program of Magaly Medina It started as a supplement in a newscast, until they bet on it and decided to give it its first program called Magaly TeVe on ATV in 1997, so that on July 13, 1998, her Magaly TeVe program switched to Latina, keeping her red hair style and wearing colorful outfits, in a very serious look.

Magaly Medina in the 2000s

In the early 2000s, the driver Magaly Medina He decided to stop wearing the serious suits to change his attire to slightly more relaxed polky pants, keeping his cut and shade of reddish hair color.

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Magaly Medina in 2008

This year is important for Magaly Medina because he had to go to prison. The following photographs are from the same year, the first when she entered prison and the second when she was released, already with a more fiery red hair color and with curls, a look that she kept for her program when she left prison. until he retired to take a break.

Magaly Medina in 2015

This year, Magaly Medina she had her own TV show in Latina, she already had a better look style wearing better dresses, jewelry and hair extensions.

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Magaly in 2022

Currently, Magaly Medina He has completely changed his appearance, he had a nose job, fixed his teeth and improved his smile. As for her look, she now wears designer clothes and expensive brands of handbags and shoes. Her hair still maintains a reddish hue and her makeup and hairstyles are more elaborate. It should be noted that she has received help from botox to improve her skin.