Magaly Medina to María Fe Saldaña after Gianella Ydoña’s complaint: “She does not have to spy on the conversation”

María Fe Saldaña is in the eye of the storm after the serious complaint by Gianella Ydoña, ex-wife and mother of singer Josimar’s third child, who accused her of having cut off the call she had with her 4-year-old son. The current couple of the salsa singer came forward to deny that version, however, Magaly Medina He “patched” her and asked her not to interfere in the communication between mother and son.

In the recent edition of Magaly TV La Firme, lhe TV host did not ignore the statement launched by María Fe, who commented that she has not hung up any calls and that Gianella Ydona he would only seek to discredit her and her partner Josimar. For this reason, the ‘Urraca’ was sent with everything.

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“We have that moment where he passes from behind (…) but what a coincidence that she passes and oh, wonderful, suddenly the conversation is cut off. The boy is talking to his mother in a private conversation and María Fe appears, approaches from behind and boom, the call was cut off,” the ATV journalist began, denying Maria Fe, who stood up for her and Josimar.

Likewise, Magaly asked him to keep a distance, this after learning that the salsa singer does not allow Gianella Ydoña to see her son in common or communicate with him. “(…) We have all seen that. She says no, that she disagreed with what they were talking about, that is, she was listening to the conversation that the little one was having with his mother. She does not have to spy on the conversation of the child with his mother,” he added.

“Suddenly she wanted to be complaining, with who else if it’s with her mother, about things that don’t seem right to her, that’s why she has her mother. She (María Fe) is not her mother, she is her father’s wife, she is the stepmother,” Medina said, highlighting the role of the mother of the family and the father, then the other couples.

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