Magaly Medina to Melissa Klug after patching up Brunella Horna: “That’s not having a leash. She did get bitten” [VIDEO]

The journalist Magaly Medina commented on the altercation that Melissa Klug had with Brunella Horna on the “América Hoy” program, when the second asked the businesswoman which team her partner, Jesús Barco, would now play for.

YOU CAN SEE: Melissa Klug ‘patches’ Brunella Horna for asking where Jesús Barco will play: “It’s as if you were talking about politics” [VIDEO]

For the “magpie”, Magaly Medina, Melissa Klug Yes, she was stung by Brunella Horna’s question and would have been the one who lost the most with her reaction. “Melissa Klug didn’t know how to fight anyone less than Brunella Horna. Being bothered by any question Brunella asks you, that’s not being afraid of a leash.”

“Yes, he was stung and only because he was asked an innocent question. Perhaps this question makes him a little uncomfortable. Perhaps jesus boat He doesn’t know which team is going to hire him because he had a bad campaign,” he added. Magaly Medinawho called the footballer mediocre.

Furthermore, for Magaly Medina, what would have annoyed Melissa Klug is to be told live and in a subtle way the criticism that Jesús Barco has had for having a bad campaign for his time in his last soccer team. “I think that deep down he was burned by what is known about his partner and what they have criticized him for.”

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Who paid for the trip to Thailand?

Magaly Medina He also took the opportunity to wonder who will have paid for the trip to Thailand, that is, if Melissa Klüg or Jesus Barco. The magpie hinted that it would be the businesswoman who would have paid the highest percentage of the expenses.

As is known, Melissa Klügwas traveling for several days in Thailand with Jesús Barco, thus advancing the honeymoon.