Magaly Medina to Peluchín: “Ask ATV directors what the flagship program is”

The host of Magaly TV: La Firme Magaly Medina spoke about the statements of her former friend, Rodrigo González, the popular ‘Toddler’ after mentioning that he has his preferred in ATV, and this would be the driver Andrea Llosa. The driver of Amor y Fuego stressed that she would not only be her favorite, but also that of the directors of the Arequipa channel. What did Magali say?

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“Andrea (Llosa) is the true queen of ATV. She leaves a great mattress (for Magaly Medina) that later goes down, but they don’t tell you that, they don’t, we would like to have that mattress,” Rodrigo commented at first in his programme.

Before tremendous statement, the popular ‘magpie’ affirms that these statements do not bother him, only ‘that it is petty people who talk about their rating’: “The more lies they tell, the more public I win. I will not validate petty infamies with my answer. I think they should ask the ATV directors which It is the channel’s flagship program since I returned to my television home,” he told Trome.

“Envy causes serious resentment in some people who know the ATV doors are closed to them,” said the ATV driver, hinting that Peluchín would not be able to work on the Arequipa channel. What was he?

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Peluchín raja de Magaly Medina: “She calls herself a diva, not only in Peru, but in the world”

Rodrigo González “Peluchín” lashed out against Magaly Medina, who for him calls herself the diva of television and although she did not want to come out in defense of Janet Barboza, he did recognize she is one of the strongest figures of “América Hoy “.

“You tell me one thing, from the team that is Ethel, Janet, Brunella that if nothing happens, Giselo who is only two years old on television, who is the character that has the most weight in that group. What are we talking about? “, said Rodrigo Gonzalez on Janet Barbosa.