Magaly Medina warns after learning that ATV will pass the 2026 World Cup qualifiers: “Los ampayo”

The controversial television host Magaly Medina He has returned to the small screen in style with the bombshell of the complaint against the soccer player Renato Tapia, who has not recognized his son out of wedlock. Following the success of ‘Urraca’, she did not hesitate to attend the atv presale, where he issued a warning to the players. What did he say?

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Let’s remember that last Tuesday, January 24, the most important event of the channel where it is broadcast Magaly TV The Firm. However, few imagined that the entertainment journalist met the athlete Alex Valera in person. For his part, the public figure also reacted with surprise: “First time a baseball player shakes my hand,” he said.

Now the recognized Magaly Medina She did not remain silent after learning that her television station will broadcast all the matches of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, for this reason, she sent a quick message to the Peruvian teams, “I am going to do behind the scenes of the qualifiers,” she said with a laugh. .

For her part, the reporter responded to her statements: “They will ask themselves at home, because Magaly was worried, since there is a conflict of interest,” she said at the beginning. In this regard, the ‘Magpie‘ He declared: “Of course, because I support them (the players of the national team). But they have to dedicate themselves, as long as they behave well, there is no problem”.

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Magaly Medina has a new ‘bomb’ that she will exhibit on her program

The show journalist Magaly Medina has caused a stir since his return to the small screen after exposing the lawsuit against soccer player Renato Tapia, but now, he announces that he has a new ampay about infidelity. However, so far it is not known who it would be.

“Today on Magaly TV La Firme, he married his beloved surrounded by family and friends, but we will tell you all the details of the fiery meeting he had before saying yes,” the voice-over is heard in advance.