Magaly Medina warns her husband and friends that she will not celebrate her birthday: “Sorry, I’m leaving”

The journalist Magaly Medina used her Instagram account to make a revelation. She confessed that she has never liked celebrating her birthday because she doesn’t like being harassed by the “Happy Birthday” messages that come her way. She said that this has always been the case since she was a child and that since she was able to travel, she prefers to go outside.

“I don’t like celebrating my birthday. I don’t know, endless reasons. When I could travel, I ran away. I don’t like being harassed with hundreds of messages. I don’t like answering ‘thank you, thank you’. I’ve never liked it,” he said Magaly Medina In a video that had the following description: “I confess something to you: I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. I prefer to do what you like and what makes me happy. Who else is one of mine?”

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In that sense, Magaly Medina revealed that once they have encouraged her to celebrate her birthday and this time her husband would like to celebrate it. “Before, when there was no WhatsApp, imagine. I would leave and I was not there. I don’t know why. I have never liked celebrating my birthday, but I do like to celebrate those I love. Sometimes my friends and my husband have encouraged to celebrate my birthday and I have done it. This year and my husband has insisted that he celebrate my birthday and I have told him in all languages ​​that no”.

the driver of “Magaly TV The Firm” She took advantage of the video on her Instagram account to warn her husband Alfredo Zambrano that she prefers to travel and her friends that she will not be at home and surely not in Peru either. “I prefer that with what you are going to spend, which is not a little money, I prefer to live moments, take photos and that makes me happier. Go and choose my gifts because I like that. Because when I don’t like something, I say it. This I’m telling you because my friends have asked me what I’m going to do. Sorry, I’m leaving, I’m disappearing. Excuse me, but it’s the truth and one should do what makes one happy.”

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Magaly Medina explodes with her production

the journalist Magaly Medina she was extremely annoyed with her production team and ATV workers because they did not put the images she had requested and even when they did, there was no sound.

“Kid, focus, or you’re going to have to go to…now,” she said indignantly. “Can you drop the audio? Now there’s no audio! Oh my God! This is going through some kind of… Now we have to blame the channel system, they’re old, they don’t work anymore. That’s the defense to make a program that looks like beginners,” said Magaly Medina extremely annoying.