Magaly Medina: what are the books that ‘Urraca’ wrote and what are they about?

Magaly Medina TV presenter and entertainment journalist, she is one of the most controversial figures in local entertainment. However, in addition to her famous ampays, those uncoverings that have revealed dozens of cases of infidelity of celebrities and athletes, the popular “Urraca” has also dedicated time to writing. Thanks to this she has published two books throughout her career.

In his writings, Magaly He has captured not only issues related to his work as an entertainment journalist but also episodes that marked his personal life. If you are interested in knowing more about the publications that the host of atvs In this note we tell you the details.

Magaly Medina has published two books both under the Planeta publishing house: “The price of being Magaly Medina: my truth in prison”, published in 2009; and “Hello, beautiful!: Feeling and looking good”, published in 2019.

In her first book “The price of being Magaly Medina: my truth in prison”, Medina reviews her experiences in the Santa Mónica prison, where she was deprived of her liberty between October and December 2008. In her story , details her relationship with the other inmates and delves into the estrangement from her home, two experiences that definitely marked her.

Also, in that book, Magaly revealed that it hurt her to be disconnected from her family and, more precisely, not to know about her son Gianmarco. In a passage of her narration, she tells of her that she argued with him not to visit her, but he replied that she was already 25 years old and that was her decision.

The host’s second book, “Hello, beautiful!: Feeling and looking good”, Magaly takes a break from her work as a journalist for Chollywood to tell her personal story, the changes that have shaped the lifestyle she currently leads and the bad times that once happened due to the comments of the public.