Magaly Medina will continue playing Renato Tapia’s theme and launches a promo: “The cousin also speaks”

Before 9:45 p.m. arrives this Tuesday, January 24, the journalist Magaly Medina launched the new promotion of her program through her Instagram account “Magaly TV La Firme”. The magpie will once again play the theme of Renato Tapia, who has not yet recognized his six-year-old son.

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After confirming that he is the father of the son of Daniela Castro, Renato Tapia He released a statement on Tuesday in which he assures that he hopes to reach an agreement with the mother of his son and that he never separated from him. It is because of that Magaly Medina will come back to the topic.

The magpie, who published the promotion of her program “Magaly TV La Firme” for this Tuesday, also revealed that the cousin of Renato Tapia. Let us remember that the young Daniela Castro He said that the soccer player sent this relative to assume the father figure of his son.

José Martín Alva, the cousin of Renato TapiaHe played an important role in this relationship, being a link between the team and Daniela, and his presence was so important that he was the one who lived with her for four years. According to her, her coexistence would have been imposed on her by the soccer player, becoming a kind of father figure for the child.

YOU CAN SEE: Renato Tapia sent his cousin to assume the father figure of my son, according to Daniela Castro: “He controlled me”

What did Renato Tapia’s mother say?

Before the complaint against Renato Tapiahis mother Nancy Cortijomother used her official account in order to make a peculiar publication that is giving something to talk about, well, hours before (08:00 am) that Magaly start her program, she shared the photograph of her son.

“My working child, you are my pride”, was what Nancy Cortijo, mother of Renato Tapia, wrote, which began to generate speculation on social networks. She is she then she took courage when she learned that the soccer player still does not recognize her son.