Magaly PARCHA to Guerrero’s lawyer for “inserting her spoon” in the trial with Lucho Cáceres: “What’s wrong with you? Figuetti” [VIDEO]

Host Magaly Medina did not tolerate “outsiders” speaking out about her trial with lucho caceres. Well, she announced that another lawyer with whom she lost one of her criminal proceedings had a peculiar request, causing the driver’s annoyance in front of her defense attorney, whom she invited to talk about the issue she has. with the actor.

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That defender who would have come out to express herself was the player’s Paolo Guerreroby name Tatiana Bardales Soliswho was part of the athlete’s staff when he could not win the process and ended up going to prison in 2008.

It should be noted that, bardales soliswas in favor of what was ruled and showed his support for lucho caceres commenting on one of his publications where he requested that they “increase the sentence” of the ‘queen of the ampays‘.

This sparked outrage from Magaly Medina and he did not hesitate to respond, true to his style, to the criminal attorney since he considered that he does not have to go out and say something about the case with caceres.

“Tatiana Bardales, who is a figureti lawyer (…) also puts in her spoon (…) this lawyer, what’s wrong with her? (…) the lawyer’s figureti because it seems to me cheap figuretism, it’s my opinion “said the driver.

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Lucho Cáceres criticized by users after trial result with Magaly Medina

The actor Lucho Cáceres has been criticized in the social networks after learning that the trial he had against Magaly Medina It has been favorable for him. In view of this, the users of the social networks They have been showing their rejection of the sentence.

“Did you win Magaly? But they know how spoiled you are. You already forgot when Magaly showed the videos where you appear ‘choborra’ and you are not a good actor”, indicated one of the users in instagram.