Magaly patches up Melissa for minimizing details that Rodrigo Cuba could give her: “You didn’t live on the swap with him”

Host Magaly Medina took a few minutes from her program to talk about Melissa Paredes, because the model recently made some statements for america television that he did not like them at all because, apparently, he considered that she tried to make her ex-partner Rodrigo Cuba look bad.

The television presenter referred to when melissa appeared before the cameras Channel 4 talking about her engagement ring and the wedding plans she has with her partner Anthony Arandawhere he touched on money issues, exactly the part where he mentions that he was never with a footballer with money, a fact that outraged Medina.

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“Oh, please, if I have never been with any guy with money, nor had I been with a Jefferson Farfán. But the ‘Cat’ Cuba will not be a Jefferson Farán, but he gave you a different standard of living than the one you have with the ‘Activator'”, initially commented Medina.

Finally, Magaly Medinto put up a face for Rodrigo Cuba and lashed out with Melissa Paredes because he considers that with the player he did not live on trades as he usually does now with Anthony Aranda: “In other words, you didn’t have to, when you were with him, live on the exchange. With him you traveled a lot more, you had a good apartment that was your own, you had your little luxuries (…)”.

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Magaly Medina calls Melissa Paredes “picona” because she can’t stand comparisons between her partner Anthony Aranda and her ex Rodrigo Cuba

The host Magaly Medina also described Melissa Paredes as a “spicy” person because she can’t stand the comments made by the public when they compare her fiancé Anthony Aranda with his ex-partner Rodrigo Cuba.

Well, they consider that since he separated from Rodrigohis life with Anthony It is not the same, because the details that the soccer player had do not have the same value as the one that Aranda offers him.

“Since she is so naughty, since she can’t stand being told that the other one doesn’t have or give her the same standard of living as the ‘Gato Cuba’ whom she left and surely she’s going to regret what she did all her life, then, now there is nothing left for him but to put up with it and pretend to be interesting”, maintained the TV presenter.