Magaly rejects a birthday celebration organized by Alfredo Zambrano: “Yes, I’m cold like that”

Magaly Medina used her account TikTok to share an anecdote of her marriage with the notary Alfredo Zambrano to her followers. The host of Magaly TV: La Firme expressed that she has never enjoyed a celebration in honor of her birthday, whether it is a detail full of luxuries or even with incredible details, and that her opinion has not changed even when this year her husband insisted in throwing a party to give everything.

“This year my husband has been insisting that he wants to celebrate my birthday and I have told him no in all languages. It makes me happy that they take me on a trip and I have told him to spend on letting me live moments. That’s how cold I am, I am quite special, I prefer that no one surprise me, I like to choose my gifts”, she confesses Magaly Medina.

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“I have infinite reasons why I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. Generally, when I could travel, I ran away, because I don’t like to be harassed, so I know with great affection, I don’t like receiving hundreds of messages from my friends, from my family, because I don’t like to answer”, explained the ‘Magpie‘ on their social networks.

The ‘Queen of the ampays’ She commented that with modernity and instant messaging applications she feels harassed, since before it was just a phone call. She adds that although she does not enjoy celebrating her name day, she does like to toast when the birthday boy is someone else.

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When is Magaly Medina’s birthday?

It has been 60 years since the birth of the legendary show host Magaly Medina, she is the same age as her television rival Gisela Valcárcel, and to be exact, it is March 31, her birthday.

Although she does not like greetings, the host usually receives many loving messages that day, and it has even been seen on occasion that some of her co-workers and even show business characters that she has criticized on her program send her flowers.