Magaly reveals more details about Tilsa Lozano’s wedding: Honeymoon outside the country and exclusive jewelry rings

Magaly Medina showed in her program on September 28 the marriage edict of Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora, published by the Municipality of Punta Hermosa. There the union of the former avenger and the professional fighter is announced.

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The show host presented the jewelry and the price that Jackson would have paid for the alliances that he will wear at his wedding with “Tili”. Tiffany jewelry would be the place where he would have bought the earrings that would be valued at $1,950 (the one the man would wear), and $1,570 (the woman’s).

Magaly also commented on where the couple’s honeymoon would be in Miami. However, she was not impressed and dared to say that “Tili” and Jackson would often go to the American city.

In the note broadcast on Magaly TV: La Firme presented a list of giftshowever, mention was made that there might be a fault in the system, since only a few included objects are seen.

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What orchestra will play at Tilsa’s wedding?

as presented Magaly In her program, Tilsa’s wedding would be animated with music from the popular orchestra ‘Son tentacion’, where the leader is Paula Arias, and the amount per hour would be 15 thousand soles.

The manager of the group, Gustavo Robleswas consulted by the “magpie” and said: “Yes, of course. The Tilsa thing is actually early, we are charging 15 thousand soles per hour for the show, I could leave you 28 thousand soles for two hours.”