Magaly takes the “rags” out of Bárbara Cayo: If we talk about morality, there are dirty clothes hanging

Magaly Medina strongly attacked the statements of actress Bárbara Cayo, who defended her daughter Alessia Rovegno from criticism after being eliminated from Miss Universe 2022. The television host returns to the screens on January 23 and is already preparing content for the expected premiere of the 2023 season of “Magaly TV, the firm”. In an interview with a local media, the popular “Urraca” did not hold back anything against Bárbara and took some “dirty laundry” from the trunk of her memories.

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Magaly Medina and her speech about beauty

The communicator answered Bárbara Cayo’s criticism of her physical appearance. This, in reaction to the comment of the channel 9 figure on the attitude of Miss Peru 2022 in the international contest.

“Okay, she’s a beautiful girl, but just there. There are hollow beauties and she, to me, is a hollow beauty, that’s my opinion,” she expressed.

I consider myself to be beautiful and intelligent. Whether she is a natural beauty or not, there is no room for comparison, not even between her and me, and her daughter and me.”, he added.

Bárbara Cayo takes out her claws for her daughter, Alessia Rovegno, and responds to Magaly. Photo: composition LR/Instagram

Bárbara Cayo cannot talk about morality

He also said that Barbara Cayo he cannot talk about morality and it reminded him of a previous event. “In Magaly TV’ we have history, our first great ‘ampay’ was with her”, he mentioned.

“So if we are going to talk about morality, let’s not get into that plan because there are dirty clothes hanging,” he added to Trome.

YOU CAN SEE: Bárbara Cayo attacks Magaly and defends Alessia: “She has no moral authority to speak”

Barbara Cayo

Barbara Cayo is in New Orleans to support Alessia Rovegno in Miss Universe. Photo: composition LR/ Diffusion/ Miss Universe.

Magaly Medina defends her entertainment program

Magaly Medina He makes a face for his work on television and assured that the objective of his program is to entertain the public. “We are the fun, or don’t you remember that you were also part of the fun?” she highlighted.

She should consider herself well served, shut up after I forgave her an ampay because she whined at me. So much that I felt sorry for her and did not take it out”, he sentenced.

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“Magaly encourages destruction,” says Bárbara Cayo

Magaly Medina’s reaction responds to the harsh words of Bárbara Cayo, given to “Love and fire”. The ‘Magpie’ had criticized the performance of Alessia Rovegno in Miss Universe 2022.

“My daughter did a good job,” the actress said at the beginning. “Let’s promote construction and good vibes (…) unfortunately, Mrs. Magaly Medina is a factor of destruction,” she said.

What did Alessia Rovegno say to Bárbara Cayo after losing in Miss Universe 2022?

In dialogue with “Love and Fire”, the actress Bárbara Cayo recounted what her heiress Alessia Rovegno told her after being eliminated from the top 16 of Miss Universe 2022. As recalled, the Peruvian representative was accompanied by her family, including his mother and her partner Hugo Garcia at the New Orleans facility.

“She prepared for it. He told me: ‘Mommy, what a pity I didn’t stay, because I was well prepared’ (…). Alessia is happy and she is the most important thing”, expressed Barbara Cayo.

Bárbara Cayo proud of her daughter and her participation in the Miss Universe.  Photo: Composition LR / Instagram

Bárbara Cayo proud of her daughter and her participation in the Miss Universe. Photo: Composition LR / Instagram

Bárbara Cayo believes that Alessia Rovegno’s incident in Miss Universe 2022 was sabotage

Bárbara Cayo witnessed the preliminary competition of Miss Universe 2022 up close and did not hesitate to document all the incidents of the beauty contest, at the same time that she encouraged her daughter Alessia Rovegno at all times, who presented a complication with her wardrobe moments before the go out on the catwalk

It was there that the member of “Al fondo hay sitio” dismayed her followers on social networks by leaving open the possibility that the incident could have been planned to harm Alessia’s performance. “I tell you that something happened to Ale with the cape, something happened. She couldn’t open it right. Did they do something to him?” she said.