Magaly TV: Brunella Torpoco goes bankrupt after an attempt on her life: “I’m scared, I’m afraid for my family” [VIDEO]

Insecurity in La Perla. The Peruvian singer Brunella Torpoco suffered an attempt on her life when she was preparing to leave her home in the Callao, the 22-year-old sauce boat owner showed fear for her safety and that of her family. He asked through tears for the necessary measures to safeguard his integrity and that of his loved ones

“One of my reporters had asked me recently that I wanted to make her a note, Because this girl was already transcending a lot, her popularity level had increased a lot. Our reporter has just arrived at this place and I want her to tell us, “Magaly Medina said at first.

Despite the terrible moment that happened, the young artist did not present any physical damage and narrated unpublished details of how she was approached by what could be hitmen or quota collectors in the musical category, although she denied having received any type of threats or having enmity with people from the salsa sphere.

“She has suffered an attack, by what could be called hitmen, who have come to the door of her house, have waited for her and when they saw her leave they shot her … She considers this a warning“commented the reporter, who had the sauce boat live.

He has fired five shots into the air and two at my caror … No, not yet (problems with music mafia), I’m scared, my head is blank … Yes, I just got back from Europe, and I have another one, but with this I don’t know, I’m scared, but I fear for my family above all“, he expressed Brunella Torpoco with tears in his eyes and with a trembling voice.

Magaly outraged with citizen crime

“Citizen insecurity is really terrible, you are a young 22-year-old sauce boat who does not hurt anyone, who only does music, who has a beautiful voice, you have a booming voice, what a voice you have, My respects. Why can’t she show her talent? Why couldn’t she win her little money like that? Or is it that there are people who prevent her from taking off in the world of music? ” for the life of the sauce boat.

Salsera Brunella Torpoco was shot 7 times by fee collectors, according to Magaly

The 22-year-old Brunella Torpoco was shot at the door of her home tonight, she says she does not know the reasons why she was attacked by criminals.

“She turns boleros into salsa. What a good voice, a very good voice, a sonera, is in fashion, suddenly someone who wants to threaten her, we don’t know exactly, the police will have to tell us about it, well known in Callao”, assured Magaly Medina.