Magical night with Retro Jazz at the Jarabacoa Fest 2021 The Woods

Many times it is said that a concert was magical to give more force to what is written. However, the one offered by Retro Jazz inaugurating the Jarabacoa Fest 2021 The Woods ”fits him perfectly.

In this show factors such as an impeccable soundtrack were combined, with a repertoire that rescues and dresses with arrangements of jazz, funk, blues, Dominican folklore, Latin, bossa nova, and other genres, to a series of emblematic songs by authors Dominicans, presented in a natural setting among the beautiful mountains of Jarabacoa.

The warm voice of Nairoby Duarte broke the silence of the The Woods Restaurants & Villas complex, singing “Búscame”, (Miguel Pumarol), starting a trip that also included songs by Luis Segura (“Pena”), Juan Luis Guerra (“Si tú te vas”, “ Until you forget me ”and“ I hope it rains coffee ”), Luis Días (Ándrecito Reyna”, “The guard of the arcenal”), Billo Frómeta (“Wait quisqueyana”), Leonor Porcella de Brea (“Where will I be able to yell at you that I want? ”), among others, who completed 18 songs that were enjoyed by an audience who thanked the band for their performance with applause and ovations.

The most emotional moment of the night was the interpretation to keyboards and voice (the piano had a failure, a detail that Pengbian Sang knew how to handle in a funny way with the public), of “Siña Juanica”, by Félix López Kemp. That space, with Duarte’s broken voice, set the exact tone of the tragic story that the song tells, the original version of which is a rhythmic merengue.

Nairoby Duarte’s voice was accompanied by Federico Méndez (guitar), Jesús Abréu (sax), Álvaro Dinzey (piano and keyboards), Guy Frómeta (drums), Edgar Molina (percussion) and Pengbian Sang (bass and musical direction) .