Majo Parodi defends himself for living in his parents’ mansion: “I would not like to leave and live cramped”

Patricio Parodi’s sister, Majo ParodiShe was encouraged to answer the questions of her followers and there were some who questioned why she still lives in her parents’ mansion, despite the fact that she already became a mother on June 8, 2023. influencers He had no problem defending himself and explaining his reasons why he has not sought another place to reside independently.

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In their stories of instagram, He pointed out that he does not mind living under the same roof as his parents since he likes to maintain his comfortable lifestyle. And it is that she hinted that she likes to have spaces within her home and not live tight.

“I don’t see anything wrong with everything, but Aitana happened and I stayed at my parents’ house. Yes, I’m still living with my parents and I’ll live here until I think I can move alone, (although) I wouldn’t like to move alone and live ‘tight’, not like the style I’m used to,” she said.

She also pointed out that it is not a good option to leave now that she has her baby. It should be noted that it is unknown if she is separated from her daughter’s father. “It is my opinion. I would not move to be uncomfortable, on top of that I am with the fat woman, which for me is enough, to see how a house is managed alone, no. The house is spacious and nobody gets into anyone’s space, “he said. .

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Majo Parodi will move to an apartment inside his parents’ mansion

Majo ParodisHe also pointed out that he has thought about moving to an apartment that is inside this large building belonging to his parents, for which reason he considers that he will continue to live with them.

“Between this week and the next I’m going to move to an apartment, which is still inside the house, I’m still going to live under the same roof as my dad,” he said. On the other hand, she always shares with her followers her most tender moments with her conceited one, which makes everyone tender. The other time she showed Patricio Parodi carrying the baby, a very nice moment for the family because it was for the 6 months she was born.