Maluma saddened by the death of his “little brother”: “I will love you forever”

He colombian singer Maluma surprised all his followers by announcing through his social networks the death of his “little brother” Bastian, whom he calls that affectionately. The artist decided to put aside the publications of his musical career in order to give the sad news and at the same time thank him for the support that he has been receiving from his followers.

It was through his account instagram that Maluma took the opportunity to communicate the death of the Bastian 14-year-old, whom she used to refer to as her ‘sponsored little brother.’ In addition, the singer hinted that he taught him many life lessons despite his severe illness.

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“With my heart broken into pieces I have to inform you by this means that Bastian left us from this earthly plane […] ‘The Smiling Boy’, I love you, I will love you forever, my prince. See you on the road”, reads at the beginning of the post of the interpreter of ‘Happy the 4’.

In the video that the artist uploaded, he said that he was very pleased to have met the young man who moved him with his story after suffering from cancer, he even said that he was a great admirer of the acquaintance’Daddy Juancho‘.

“We fought until the end, but the best thing was his rest. Strength for all those who had the pleasure of meeting Bastian […] my Master, my guide, my friend, my little brother left us leaving all his teachings and leaving a huge void that nothing and no one can fill”, said Maluma devastated.

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Maluma appreciates the support of his fans

Before finishing with your message, Maluma He took the opportunity to thank his fans for the constant messages of support that they have been sending him after the sad news about Bastian.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their messages of strength, it has been very important for everyone, not only for me, but also for Bastian’s family. Thanks to you, we have been able to handle this difficult moment, so thank you “The Colombian ended up saying.