Maluma: These are all the businesses he has apart from music [FOTOS]

The Colombian singer Maluma showed that since he was a young man he always sought to get ahead, despite the fact that success had not yet come to his life for his songs, he was already emerging as a high-flying businessman. That is why in this note The popular we tell you how else the interpreter earns money “The love of my life”.

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What other businesses does Maluma have?

When he was still 18 years old, the artist from Medellin He loved his neighbors with his delicious sandwiches, but when he entered the music industry, his business side was not far behind and he has been able to take advantage of each of the opportunities that have been presented to him and has started businesses in all areas that he has been able to.

Some of the companies he owns are in the type of visual production, fashion, fragrance line, music streaming, hospitality, liquor when launching his brand of mezcal and, recently, his own record label named Royalty Records.

“It’s crazy, because I never went to university… I was always very averse to math. My thing was art. But I loved the business (…) I do all this so that my wealth grows, but not because I want to bury myself in money. It’s not like I’m saying, ‘I’m dead, throw all the millions in the coffin… It’s because I want to create a company. I want to create jobs. I want to move my country forward. I want people to do well. well,” Maluma revealed in an interview.

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When and where will Maluma’s concert take place in Lima?

Reggaeton fans in Peru are already counting the hours before Maluma’s arrival in Peru. One of the most acclaimed urban artists of the moment will come to the country this Friday, September 23, to offer a spectacular concert in the capital as part of his tour ‘Papi Juancho Maluma World Tour 2022’

As is known, the interpreter of “Felices los cuatro” has already started its world tour with sold outs in Paris, London, Albania, Zurich and Geneva. In addition, this month she will tour various cities in Mexico, while in June she will sing in Las Vegas (United States) and then go to Spain. Maluma’s concert will take place at the venue La Pelousse of the Jockey Club of Peru.