Malware and other risks you run when watching the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches on pirated pages

Currently, it is normal to see a large number of pirate websites that broadcast the most important football matches. And, as a result of World Cup Qatar 2022 It was to be hoped that they would not miss this opportunity to do their own thing and monetize at the expense of legal portals. However, although users go to these extremes in order to watch football for free Few are aware that by doing so, they are exposing themselves to attacks by cybercriminals.

To date, certain illegal sites receive advertising revenue from some companies, but due to pressure exerted by anti-piracy associations, they have had to avoid being present in such spaces so as not to see their image harmed. For this reason, their income has fallen significantly in recent years.

For this reason, the majority of websites of this type have seen the need to display ads of dubious origin in order to obtain profits, albeit at the expense of the safety of your visitors.

A Webroot study revealed that you can find fake ads asking for bank details and others that redirect you to fake news portals with celebrities or politicians.

Also, in case you use your phone, PC or laptop, malware can be infiltrated that has the possibility of seeing the movements you make and obtaining your personal data to then impersonate your identity or access your bank accounts.

Finally, the important thing is that you do not access these pages since, in addition to being exposed to cybercriminals by downloading files that appear on your screen, you also allow these spaces to be profitable and in a way support the illegal acts they commit.