Man abuses woman while being taken away on police patrol

A 35-year-old man was prosecuted in Colombia for allegedly having abused a woman, while they were being mobilized together in a Police patrol to the Protection Transfer Center (CTP), in the Caldas municipality, Antioquia department.

The victim and two other witnesses corroborated the event that occurred this week. According to the newspaper El Tiempo, the woman was put into the vehicle with seven other men detained in isolated events.

When they were put into the police car, according to the affidavits of the victim and the witnesses, four more were already detained in the vehicle, but they were asleep.

She was taken in a police vehicle to the Protection Transfer Center from the La Sultana neighborhood for having had a fight with her sentimental partner.

Upon arriving at the CTP, the victim reported to the uniformed officers what happened at the hands of Miguel Ángel Henao Pineda and that was when two other people who were traveling in the car confirmed her story. Therefore, they expressed that they would testify in that sense.

“They point out to the accused today of having taken advantage of the woman’s state of excitement (drunkenness)” The director of the Caldas Sectional Prosecutor’s Office, Ángela Bedoya, pointed out in a video published by the Public Ministry on social networks.

Henao Pineda was prosecuted on Tuesday, January 4, for the crime of sexual act or carnal access in person, rendered incapable of resisting.