Man accused of cannibalism sentenced to life in prison in Germany

A German was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Berlin court for having killed, dismembered and eaten a 43-year-old man, whom he contacted online.

Stefan R., a 42-year-old teacher, was found guilty of “murder” and “attack on the peace of the dead.”. Given the seriousness of the events, conditions were added to his sentence that make any early release almost impossible.

On September 6, 2020, the victim arranged a sexual encounter with the accused through a dating platform.

The man would have taken a taxi to go to the suspect’s apartment, located in Berlin-Pankow, north of the German capital.

Stefan R. would have given him a glass with GHB (drug). With this, the victim would have lost consciousness, and was later killed.

The investigation into his disappearance remained in the air until the discovery of the body, in November 2020, by tourists. Forensic examinations confirmed that the remains belonged to the missing man.

By analyzing the victim’s phone, investigators were able to identify the taxi driver who took him to the defendant’s home.

Police found traces of blood, other parts of the body and various instruments, including a saw to cut bones. “There was a lot of blood from the victim,” Glage said. There is no indication of a consent crime: the victim “wanted to get out alive” from there added.

Investigators revealed that the convict had carried out “specific and detailed” searches about cannibalism.