Man wakes up to go to work without realizing he had been in a coma for half a year

One day, after spending six months bedridden in a coma, American John Pennington fully regained consciousness. “I woke up assuming I had to go to work”wrote the man on Reddit, where he recounted his particular experience.

According to what he said, he believed that he had fallen asleep the night before and now he would continue with the weekly routine. In his mind, alone elapsed a couple hours since I know lay down. But actually there was half a year hospitalizedbetween devices and probes.

In 2015, a traffic accident left him on the verge of death. Together with a friend, who were in a car, he suffered the impact of another vehicle at high speed. “A teenager was driving drunk with no headlights. My friend drove through an intersection and never saw this guy coming, he was driving at about 115 mph in a residential area,” he recounted in the Reddit post.

As a result of the accident, he was rushed to a hospital, where he was admitted along with a friend, who was also injured, although not as seriously as he was: “He wasn’t as badly hurt as I was.“, he detailed.

He said that, when he woke up, “for some reason, my arms and legs were tied. I started to panic just before I realized that I was in a hospital,” so he proceeded to press the “call 911″ button. nurse”.

The health worker walked into the room and looked down at her bed. “We locked eyes. I greeted her and asked, ‘Can you untie me so I can go to the bathroom?’ Immediately her eyes filled with tears, her mouth dropped open and she fled the room,” Pennington said.

After a few minutes, the nurse came back and apologized. She told him that her reaction was due to surprise at seeing him awake and that he had been in a coma from a brain injury.

When he woke up, they gave him the worst news

However, another shocking news awaited him upon his return. While he was in that state, his father had committed suicide.who was dealing with other personal and family problems, such as his other daughter’s addiction to drugs, John said.

“He couldn’t bear everything he was going through and he took his own life (…). That my father committed suicide was the biggest shock. Losing my father was the hardest. Not the car, not my house, not my computer, but my dad. Everything else I got through,” he said on Reddit.

Pennington underwent a rehabilitation program called the Nevada Community Enrichment Program for two years. “There I learned to function again as an adult while coming to terms with the disabilities that come with having a traumatic brain injury,” he said.

“I am very lucky. (…) I’m a fighter and I don’t give up easily“said Pennington, who, despite health problems from the accident, he does not give up.