Man with 12 wives and more than 100 children asks for help to support his family

Mzee Musa Hasahya a man residing in bugissa Uganda notes that it is proud of its large family consisting of its 12 wives and 105 children; However, now he must resort to the help of the government to support them, due to the economic problems that affect his country.

Hasahya, 65, was a politician and successful businessman who, thanks to his fortune, was able to lead an austere life with his large family. But the situation is different now, since he is bankrupt after the fall of his cattle business, so some of his wives have left him.

It was in 1971 when Musa, then 16 years old, dropped out of school to get married for the first time. “I married my second wife and paid three cows, four goats and a fine of 15,000 shillings. Later I married a third wife and paid the dowry of three cows, four goats and 15,000 shillings, ”she said in an interview with the media. Display.

For the man, the idea of ​​having only one woman is ridiculous, so little by little he came to marry his 12th wife.

Hanifa Hasahya Musa’s first wife, ensures that her husband takes care of her needs and loves everyone equally. In this sense, she maintains that family life is good, since they cook, eat, work and sleep together under the same roof.

Amina Nahiranda a 20-year-old daughter, and who is already married, indicates that her father educated her well. “We grew up as disciplined children. Although they did not have much money, no one went hungry.”

The family lives on a 160-hectare self-managed farm, where they share the tasks of cleaning, harvesting, cooking and childcare. However, some of her children have already started families of their own around the main house, so she now has a few 568 grandchildren.

Although Mzee Musa Hasahya enjoys her large family, she did not miss the opportunity to advise people not to overdo marriages and the number of children they have. “I advise against those who wish to marry more than four wives because things are not right”, he sentenced.