Manchester City: Erling Haaland debuted with a brace

There is a king of debuts, and that is called Erling Haaland. In 2017, when he was only 16 years old, the striker scored in his cup-bearer debut with the shirt of Mold. Two months later he did the same in his premiere in the first division. The trend continued in Red Bull Salzburg: the Norwegian scored, in September 2019, a triplet in his debut in Champions League.

And with him Borussia Dortmund? Equal. He entered the field of play when his team was losing 3-1 at the hands of Augsburg in the Bundesliga and, in just 23 minutes, converted three opportunities to win 5-3. With Manchester City it couldn’t be any other way.

Yesterday, in his debut in premier league With the ‘Cityzen’ team, the attacker – whose father played for the same club at the beginning of this century – scored twice (36′ from a penalty and 65′ after an exceptional pass from Kevin de Bruyne) to give him the victory by 2 -0 to team Pep Guardiola on his visit to Westham.

The goals of Erling Haland not only did they mean the three points for City, but they also transformed the Norwegian number ‘9’ into the second player in the entire history of the Manchester City in scoring a brace in his league debut, behind Argentina’s Sergio Agüero against Swansea City in August 2011.

After the victory, Haaland took advantage of the microphones to send a warning to the rest of the teams. For him, the level that City showed yesterday will grow as the days go by. “Everything will depend on the connections we make in training. We will continue to improve.” the striker pointed out. The Premier trembles!

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City

“I was lucky to lead LionelMessi. If he scored a goal, he wanted two. If he scored two goals, he wanted three. Great strikers are never satisfied.”