Manny Cruz: “My biggest eccentricity is making bad jokes”

He is responsible for making us dance Meringue the good one. Who has not been seduced by the chords of Santo Domingo or You know how to fall in love! Talent, discipline and perseverance have made him winner from 7 Sovereign Awards and several nominations for Latin Grammy, among many other awards. However, he confesses that he has his weak points: he would like to learn to play the piano, is more sensitive than necessary and loves to tell bad jokes. As long as you keep giving us your music, that’s peccadillo.

What keeps sleep from Manny?
Matthew Y Montse every day (hehe). No, lie, see my sick children.

What would you say is your greatest virtue?
I think discipline and perseverance.

What trait of your personality do you dislike the most?
Actually none, maybe I am very sensitive at times, when I would like to be stronger, but it is not something that I dislike.

In what subject were you worst in school?
Ironically in History, and now is what I enjoy the most. I love knowing about our past.

What gift would you like to have (that you don’t have)?
I would love to touch the piano. It is not too late.

What is the largest eccentricity of Manny?
Make bad jokes in public (hehe).

What daily ritual can you not stop doing?
Commend myself to God every day. Ahh and put cheese to everything!

What is the phrase that you best apply in your life?
Better safe than sorry.

What makes you laugh lately?
The occurrences of my son Matthew.

What is your most precious material asset?
The Bible that my dad gave me.

When are you most productive?
In the early mornings definitely. It’s the time when I’m completely alone, and it’s almost always when inspiration strikes.

If you had to put a soundtrack to your life, what would it be?
Merenguero until the tambora.

“I would have liked to write and record the album Aries by Luis Miguel or Bachata Rosa by Juan Luis Guerra”

Manny cruz


That song that you can’t stop listening to over and over again?
“Help” by The Beatles.

What album would you have liked to write and record?
Aries from Luis Miguel or Pink bachata from Juan Luis Guerra

Your zodiac sign is Taurus, do you identify with your sign?
I don’t really believe in that kind of thing very much (laughs).

What would be the best way for you to spend a rainy afternoon?
Watching a movie snuggled up with my family.

A stage dreamed … (let yourself go in a big way …)
Since you put it like this, the Madison Square Garden.

Who or what would your nemesis be?
I don’t think I have a nemesis and I hope I never have one. l