Manolo Rojas does not lose faith that his mother recovers after an aneurysm: “She is everything to me”

Comedian Manolo Rojas is going through one of the most difficult moments of his life and it is his mother’s health. The lady arrived in Lima as an emergency due to a brain aneurysm. However, Manolo, against all odds, does not lose hope and trusts that his 93-year-old mother will soon recover her health.

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“My mother had an aneurysm, a brain problem and I had to bring her to Lima in an ambulance from Cañete. She is still hospitalized, but she still has not reacted from the coma. It is not known what will happen, it is very bad, I have illusions that there will be a miracle because I have faith. I believe in God and in the prayers of my friends,” he said at the beginning Manolo to the press.

“My mother is everything to me, I give everything for her and I want them to continue treating her in the hospital,” said the member of The blowout of the Cholto for Trome.

Nevertheless, Manolo Rojas assures that he will celebrate his 33rd anniversary as an artist and this show will be dedicated tou mom: “These are not easy days, but we must continue at the foot of the canyon and the show must continue. I cannot postpone the date of my anniversary, since it is an event that I organize once a year. I will dedicate the show to my mom, it is a show that I am preparing with love and effort”, he concluded.

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Manolo Rojas wants to renew with El Reventonazo de la Chola

On the other hand, the comedian Manolo Rojas hopes to continue with ‘The blowout of the Chola’ next year, as he claims to be happy and considers his group a family.

“We hope they call me, because they haven’t yet, however, there are good expectations of continuing in the cast in 2023. I am happy working at ‘The blowout of the chola‘, we are like a family and I am very grateful to Ernesto Pimentel because he has always worried about my health,” he said.