Manolo Rojas ventures into gastronomy and will open a restaurant

The comedian Manolo Rojas will make his debut in gastronomy and announces the forthcoming opening of his restaurant. That is why he decided to participate as an exhibitor in the IX Festival of Chancho al Palo, to be held in Huaral on October 14 and 15with the main dishes of its menu, such as duck in chili and roast beef in chili.

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“Everyone who knows me knows that I cook and I think I do it well. I not only love to eat, but also to cook and give my touch to the typical dishes of my Huaral land, such as duck in chili, many acquaintances have tried it and have licked their fingers.”, indicated the artist.

His love for cooking was instilled by his grandmother Sabina, who gave him the secrets for good seasoning when he was still young and did not know that he would be successful in comedy and today he seeks to replicate that lucky star by opening his own restaurant.

“My grandmother Sabina was a master in the kitchen, I learned from her. She had a wonderful hand, even better than Don Pedrito (laughs). At home we all cooked, my dad, my brother Carlitos, that’s why I have the idea of ​​opening my restaurant in Huaral. That is why I will debut as a gastronomic exhibitor with two dishes, the duck with chili and roast beef with chili, this will be a fire”, Rojas commented.

It is worth mentioning that Huaral expects to receive more than 50,000 tourists at the IX Festival del Pig al Palo, which will take place from Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16. This after two years of activities due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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